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Fortune Street: Lyrics

Fortune Street

Fortune Street
Yin Yang Blues
Woody's Lament
Swing That Axe
God Saw Fit to Make Tears
Roll On (Song for Anne Marie)
Own Way to Heaven
Fishing Tales

Fortune Street
Lyrics & Music by A. Moock ©2007 Moockshake Music, ASCAP

China doll in Chinatown
Gets knocked up and settles down
Staring out the window at what might've been
Downstairs on the street below
A woman's walking by soft and slow
She'd give anything for a child of her own
Troubles meet on Fortune Street
All together all alone

A suited man in a subway car
Riding today 'cause someone stole his car
Looks around at the people he's riding with
Homeless men and working stiffs
A teenage girl with two young kids
And he can't remember where it was he was going
Lost and found on a train downtown
All together all alone

Pastures of plenty when we played the tunes
Pastures are empty now the fields are ruined
And every man goes home to his own house
But I hear the song of the whippoorwill
The cuckoo calls I follow still
I never could shut that door so well
Fertile land one man band
All together all alone

There's a space between your heart and mine
A little breach along the borderline
That can't be crossed by anyone
The private smile the secret stare
The moving lips of a silent prayer
Everyone keeps something for themselves
Bound and free you and me
All together all alone

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Yin Yang Blues
Lyrics & Music by A. Moock ©2007 Moockshake Music, ASCAP

I love you baby no I don't
I need you now I surely won't
Miss you if you ever go away
I wish I'd never met you babe please stay

These times we've had the time I've lost
I'll treasure dear man what a cost
I've paid since we first met please baby go
And come back right away I need you so

I tell you that misery loves company
And baby you're the one for me
I thought I wanted happiness
I want you even more I guess

I changed the locks on my front door
'Cause I can't take you any more
This afternoon I'm gonna make a second key
And ask you to come spend your life with me

It's a cosmic joke on man
That we should love who we can't stand
I'm stuck with you and babe you're stuck with me
Honey there's no place I'd rather be

I tell you that company loves misery
And you've got lots in store for me
I thought I wanted happiness
I want you even more I guess

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Woody's Lament
Lyrics & Music by A. Moock ©2007 Moockshake Music, ASCAP

The lights were dark on the night that I left
I didn't leave no note no forwarding address
I didn't tell them nothing there was nothing to say
When you tail it to the depot you're headed on your way

I never felt at ease when I stayed in one place
The dust starts to settle in the lines of your face
And the smile starts to fade when you stare at the wall
This world is full of people I was born to love them all

Oklahoma never was my home
And California never failed to put me on the road
I was chasing down the pages of my story
Bound to ride that train that's bound for glory

My sweet Mary Jennings was as pretty as a rose
And I loved to watch my Teeny reach and grab her little toes
But I felt the road a pulling and I didn't have the strength
To turn my back on history so on the road I went

Marjorie you were the one who almost felt like home
You dug under the dirt and you turned over the stone
I could shoulder the injustices that all the world could bring
Why was it so hard for me to wear your wedding ring


I fought a million battles and I never lost a one
It was union to the table or strike until we won
And kids still sing my songs today they know them as they breathe
It's a sacred truth to know this land was made for you and me

But don't think that I don't have regrets I own them wide and deep
A family's 'bout the only thing a man can have and keep
I loved all my children more than I can say
But tell me when fate calls you how're you supposed to turn away


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Swing That Axe
Lyrics & Music by A. Moock ©2007 Moockshake Music, ASCAP

I got to get myself up and out of this seat
I got to chop me something to burn
The night is closing in there ain't no time to relax
Come on baby swing that axe

Bill collector says you owe me money this week
Landlord says you're late with the rent
Taxman says you got to pay me that tax
Come on baby swing that axe

I go out last night to try to win a few bucks
I catch a pair of kings over queens
The guy next to me turns two pair of jacks
Come on baby swing that axe

I'm just walking round looking for some kind of luck
It's a black cat crossing again
Every time I look in a mirror it cracks
Come on baby swing that axe

My mother says you got to make some choices my son
You got to find something better to do
You're broke because folk doesn't pay that's the facts
Come on baby swing that axe

My baby says you got to get some dough or we're done
I can't keep carrying you
You tried but you're tired and the world's full of hacks
Come on baby swing that axe

But I don't care what anyone says
I know my ship is coming in soon
And they'll be bringing me cash in great big stacks
Come on baby swing that axe

I'm gonna swing that thing to the front of the room
I'm gonna swing that thing to the back
I'm gonna swing that thing 'til I drown out the sax
Come on baby swing that axe

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God Saw Fit to Make Tears
Lyrics & Music by A. Moock ©2007 Moockshake Music, ASCAP

Everybody is living just this side of the drain
You're either parched in the desert or you're drowned in the rain
You ride the rails for a while you keep your hands close to your sides
But God saw fit to make tears so go on and cry

Your mother will love you whatever you do
And that's worth what it costs you 'cause she's one of the few
You look around for a lifeline you turn your head up to the sky
But God saw fit to make tears so go on and cry

Pride hangs around on the corners showing its legs to the crowd
And wisdom's hailing a taxi trying to get out of this town
Mercy's begging for spare change as the rest of us keep walking by
But God saw fit to make tears so go on and cry

This life is a quilt of trouble but it's all that you own
And it's better than none when you're cold and alone

Everybody's a soldier everybody's a rock
Everybody is living with whatever they got
You close the gates to wherever you've been you try to leave tomorrows behind
But God saw fit to make tears so go on and cry

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(Inspired by the Russell Banks novel)
Lyrics & Music by A. Moock ©2007 Moockshake Music, ASCAP

A father farmer far out in the hills
Rich in family poor in dollar bills
Struggling with the call of heaven's host
Fighting off the demons and the ghosts

Heard a cry from far off in the south
Turned his gaze away from his own house
Found the battle he was born to fight
Took his sons and left that very night

The current conflict raging in the west
Lawrence, Kansas next to face the test
The father and the sons come overland
Within a year there's blood on all their hands

Every man's affected when he kills
Death's a mighty bitter-tasting pill
But John Brown heard the whisper in his ear
Now bring to the South what you've done here

Cloudsplitter open up the skies
Make this country open up its eyes
Cloudsplitter what's it gonna take
How's a nation fix a great mistake

October sixteenth, eighteen fifty-nine
Twenty-one men waiting for his sign
To cross the wide Potomac to a shore
Where slavery's hold was cold as it was sure

Harpers Ferry fell without a fight
And sixty prisoners taken on the night
A fully loaded federal armory
But no slaves came to claim the weaponry

By next day's end the army'd shot them down
They captured some including old John Brown
Dragged them to a local court in chains
Where two months later all of them was hanged

On the stand John Brown addressed the court
His right hand on the bible for support:
Remember those in bonds as bound with them
I'm bound by laws of God not laws of men


Within two years the Civil War'd begun
Many reasons John Brown being one
And though Abe Lincoln never did intend
He finished what Brown started in the end

Washington is on my dollar bill
Jefferson's memorial on the hill
John Brown gave his life for our great sin
The textbooks almost never mention him

Racial fear still fuels this nation's fire
The smoke is thick and always getting higher
And up in Heaven John Brown sits and cries
Come back John and open up our eyes


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Roll On (Song for Anne Marie)
Lyrics & Music by A. Moock ©2007 Moockshake Music, ASCAP

Pocket of pennies
Mother of pearl
Keeper of secrets
Lost in the world
Hands to your hips
Feet to the floor
Heart in your throat
Head for the door

Roll on sweet Anne Marie roll on roll on
Roll on sweet Anne Marie roll on roll on

What have you done
Left him for good
Everyone's said
For years that you should
It's easy to talk
Harder to leave
Everything that you've known
Everything you believed


Plenty of fish
Left in the sea
Don't know if I've got
Any bait left in me
And what do I tell
My sweet little one
How do you say
Your daddy is gone


Head on your hands
Arms on your knees
Slow summer night
Cool evening breeze
Star in the sky
Ash on the ground
One life is lost
A new life is found


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Own Way to Heaven
Lyrics & Music by A. Moock ©2007 Moockshake Music, ASCAP

Peter Piper picked a peck of useless good intentions
A pack of broken promises a pile of busted dreams
You can't get down the road when you're headed all directions
You better pick a path because you're busting at the seams

Everybody's got to find their own way to heaven
There ain't nobody gonna show you the way
The sun'll keep on rising and the sun'll keep on setting
There ain't no tomorrow better live for today

You're talking in your sleep and you're sleeping when you're walking
You're wishful when you're waking and you're waiting for a sign
Open up the door can't you hear the future knocking
It's saying better live because you're running out of time


The universe was born without a father or a mother
There wasn't a beginning and there'll never be an end
But you and I were born to die we're headed for the gutter
Better get your shit together 'fore you wake up and you're dead


I've written many songs about the many ways I love you
I can't say nothing new because there's nothing new to say
The feeling just gets deeper so I'm thinking you're a keeper
And if there's no tomorrow then I'm glad you're here today


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Delia was a gambling girl she gambled all around
Delia was a gambling girl she would lay her money down
She's all I got is gone

Delia's dear old mother took a trip out West
When she returned little Delia had gone to rest
She's all I got is gone

Curtis looking high Curtis looking low
He shot poor Delia down with a fateful forty-four
She's all I got is gone

High up on the rooftops high as I can see
Looking for them rounders they've been looking out for me
She's all I got is gone

The judge he says to Curtis, What's this noise about
It's all about them rounders judge they's trying to cut me out
She's all I got is gone

Curtis says to the judge, What might be my fine
Judge says, Poor boy you got ninety-nine
She's all I got is gone

Curtis is in the jail house drinking from an old tin cup
Delia's in the graveyard she may never get up
She's all I got is gone

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Fishing Tales
Lyrics & Music by A. Moock ©2007 Moockshake Music, ASCAP

Hello little man can you tell me who I am
I've been waiting all my life to touch your little hand
The twinkle in your eyes I haven't seen
The twinkle in your father's eye emerging on the scene

Will you look a lot like me
If you do don't make a scene and cry
It's alright I got by you can do the same

Hello little boy or could you be a girl
A fumbler's little princess an oyster's little pearl
You push your head out I pull mine in
And look over my shoulder at the person who I've been

It won't be long before we meet
I'm gonna grab your little feet it's bittersweet
To feel the whole world turning under me

Oh don't be too slow
I'm standing here holding in my breath
Oh don't be too fast
You've got time and we'll both need our rest

A cloud of smoke and there you'll be
Avatar of beauty come to be
Heaven makes an angel just for me

Hello my old friend I guess I left you to the end
You and I have lived a life I'd gladly live again
And now we're jumping blind into the rush
A little step for mankind but a great big leap for us

Ah the miracle of life
My fertile little wife
I guess it worked this time
It took a while but practicing was fun

Oh don't be too slow
We're standing here holding in our breath
Oh don't be too fast
You've got time and we'll all need our rest

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